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Jiva Gentle Start


For many people, the idea of beginning a fitness program can be scary. What if I get there and can’t keep up? What if I hurt myself? I might humiliate myself because I don’t know how to do lots of those things? What if it hurts? It's because of these feelings that we offer two ways to ease into fitness with Jiva Fit and individualized personal training. 

Jiva Fit

Jiva Fit is a time efficient 30 minute workout, designed so you work at a level that purposefully matches your level of conditioning, even if you are just getting started.
Using easy to learn movement patterns, you will improve your strength, endurance, balance and mobility. You will learn to move with confidence, feel better, and be Jiva Fit! 

Personal Training


There's no program more individualized than 1 on 1 personal training. With your trainer, you get to discuss any medical conditions, physical challenges, your specific goals and the obstacles that have kept you from previously achieving your goals. Start with our free consultation and get a recommendation as to how best to get started.

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